Work packages




  • Initiate the project phases and complete all the necessary administrative tasks required by the European Commission.
  • Prepare and maintain the project planning and monitor partner resources and progress, to avoid delays and overspending.
  • Enable project cohesion and promote co-operation and communication between partners.
  • Ensure European Commission’s reporting requirements are met.
  • Establish and maintain a Data Management Plan. 
  • Define and monitor a gendered innovation checklist.
  • Resolve conflicts that may arise within the consortium
  • Establish the strategic intellectual property (IP) development plan.
  • Organize Scientific and Innovation Advisory Board (SIAB) meetings.


  • D1.1 - First Management Progress Report (M12)
  • D1.2 - Second Management Progress Report (M24)
  • D1.3 - Final Project Report (M36)
  • D1.4 - Report the status of publications in Journals proceeding the start date of project (M2)