Work packages

WP1 - Management

WP1 will ensure the smooth running of the project, timely completion of deliverables, liaison with the European Commission and organisation of project meetings.

WP2 - Reinforcement of Scientific and Technological Potential

WP2 is dedicated to strengthening the scientific and technological potential of the human resources of INESC TEC, mainly through the process of cross-fertilization, i.e., interaction between people not only from different institutions but also with expertise in different topics. This will be achieved through the organization of summer schools, winter schools and short term scientific meetings.

WP3 - Raising Research Profile

WP3 aims at improving the scientific visibility of INESC TEC through the organization of networking meetings, thematic workshops and scientific conferences.

WP4 - Exploitation and Outreach

WP4 aims at the dissemination of project results to scientific, industry and investment communities, as well as to the public. This involves general dissemination activities as well as conference presentations, organisation of technology transfer workshops with stakeholders and participation in international trade fairs.

WP1 and WP4 are transversal activities that span the entire project duration. WP1 deals with the management of the project and therefore provides inputs to the other work packages. WP2 and WP3 are focused work packages that provide throughout the project inputs to WP4, at the pace that twinning activities are developed. WP2 also feeds into WP3 since the cross-fertilization process will lead to the generation of new ideas that can be explored within WP3 activities, such as within networking meetings for the launch of new joint research initiatives.