The consortium of the STRONGMAR project is made of six partners with multidisciplinary and complementary competencies, with excellence in their scientific and technological areas of expertise.

The leading factor in building the team was the scientific excellence and leading role in the topics of relevance with the additional intention to keep the consortium small and compact, thus reducing the management costs and increasing the global efficiency.

The members have excellent scientific track record both in the quality and impact of publications and vast experience on maritime technology research projects, advanced technology development for the sea, its operation and technology transfer.

They cover and address the competencies defined as functional objectives in the process of rising the scientific excellence on maritime technology, and gaining capabilities for addressing the future challenges for the deep sea and maritime long term autonomy presence.

The consortium as a whole not only covers a complementary and multidisciplinary set of scientific areas, but also provides a diversified experience of the partners and access to relevant community and means (required for the ambitious objectives of the project), bringing together the knowledge and skills to form a centre of excellence in science and technology for the sea.