• Provide services and open access to the European academic and industrial communities.
  • Become a recognized maritime research asset.
  • Build a well-designed and coherent plan for knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices.
  • Enhance the scientific and technological capacity of INESC TEC and linked institutions.


  • Reinforcement of scientific and technological human potential of INESC TEC's staff.
  • Promote the cross-fertilization, i.e., interaction between people not only from different institutions but also with expertise in different topics.
  • Enable a stronger networking between INESC TEC's research staff and world top researchers. 
  • Bring together groups of national and international research staff and world top experts, discussing advanced topics related to sea technologies. 
  • Provide opportunities for developing scientific and personal relations.
  • Ensure the involvement of all relevant stakeholders and the dissemination of project results to scientific, industry and investment communities, as well as to the public.
  • Promote the exploitation of project results.


Low cost sensors

Increase INESC TEC’s capabilities to improve and develop innovative low cost sensors, capable of supporting the needed massification of ocean exploring/exploiting robotic assets.

Endurance and long term navigation

Increase INESC TEC’s capabilities for resilient long distance and long term deployment of autonomous and semi-autonomous platforms, capable of supporting automated tasks, for information collection and maritime operations.

Communications and acoustics

Increase INESC TEC’s capabilities for long distance and underwater control of robotic platforms, and the associated information harvesting.

Structures and manipulators

Increase INESC TEC’s capabilities to develop, produce, deploy and operate off-shore and deep sea platforms, capable of autonomous and semi-autonomous operations and tasks.