Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

Vehicle Specification

  • Weight in air: 140 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1500 x 700 x 800mm
  • Depth rating: 500m (optional 1000m)

Vehicle power and performance

  • Power: 3 kw
  • Technology: LiFePO4 Oil filled batteries
  • Operation time: 7h
  • Other: easy replaceable packs


  • Wifi: 802.11AC (surface)
  • Thether cable: 1 Gbps – 100m max 
  • Acoustic: 30 Kbps

Navigation Sensors

  • GPS Dual antenna: L1/L2 RTK GNSS
  • Inercial system: Fiber optical IMU
  • Velocity: DVL - Doppler Velocity Logger
  • Acoustic positioning: iUSBL
  • Pressure sensor: High resolution pressure sensor

Perception Sensors

  • Multibeam: Kongsberg M3
  • 3D image: Coda Echoscope
  • Scanning sonar: Echologger scanning sonar
  • Image/Video: 3 M pixel / 30 fps 3D reconstruction: Laser structured light system


Modular and manufacture independent
Cost effective design
Combined hoovering and survey capabilities SLS for precise mapping, machine inspection. High grade navigation system – developed modular and adaptable sensor fusion framework Different multi-beam support - Suitable both for large area bathymetry and for focused inspection/survey. High computational capabilities for sensor processing, perception and sensor fusion, survey and mapping, detection and classification tasks Autonomous operation – survey or support operation missions Machine Support AUV - Work as an external sensor, controlled and better field of view, with smart autonomous repositioning.