University of Aberdeen

Scotland, United Kingdom

The University of Aberdeen was founded in 1495, is Scotland's third oldest University and is the fifth oldest in the UK. Some of the University's successes include four Nobel Prizes.

The University of Aberdeen is an international university built on serving one of the most dynamic regions of Europe. Aberdeen is regarded widely as the “oil capital of Europe” and as such has a huge industrial focus on subsea sensing and engineering. The University of Aberdeen supports this sector by positioning subsea technologies as one of its strategic areas of research.


The University of Aberdeen is in charge for the WP3 (Raising Research Profile) and is involved in all the work packages of the project. 

The University of Aberdeen has leading role in research in underwater sensor technology, namely in laser based spectroscopy chemical sensing; in addition, its experience in the offshore oil industry technology brings relevant know how for the deep sea challenges.

R&D Centre

Power Systems, Communications and Optics Research Group

The Power Systems, Communications and Optics Research Group seeks to advance fundamental knowledge and promote applications across the whole spectrum of activities in topics relating to electrical and electronics.

This spans the development of new semiconductor devices and laser components for applications such as holographic cameras to techniques for high power DC transmission, novel circuit design, design of algorithms for sensor networks with applications ranging from subsea to solar-power video monitoring of the natural environment, and the engineering of new Internet transport mechanisms.

Other areas of active research include sensor networks for remote observation and techniques for subsea communications to support the oil and gas industry.

The team has proven expertise and pedigree in subsea sensing, imaging and measurement. They are world renowned for developing and deploying successive versions of holographic imaging systems for high resolution measurements in shallow and deep seas, and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) systems for subsea chemical sensing.