Expected impacts

Direct collection of experience and best practice guidelines by the partners, and establish a solid network of cooperation with other recognized institutions.

Extend the overall research and innovation potential of the North region of Portugal.

Increase the research and innovation capacity of the proposing institutions and, in particular, of INESC TEC.

Reach broader audiences, motivate and attract new talent, and foster cooperation with the regional industrial fabric and stakeholders.

Make an important contribution for the long term sustainability and viability of the TEC4SEA research infrastructure, by helping to consolidate it as a recognized research asset, capable of providing unique services to the whole European research community and, hence, a pole of attraction of European talent to the region.

Overcome the identified technological barriers still hampering the full implementation of the strategic national visions: “National Ocean Strategy 2013-2020” and “National Research and Innovation Strategy for a Smart Specialization 2014-2020”.